Inclusive education.

Education for all disabled children.

Every disabled person in the world should have a fighting chance at living their best life. But that is almost impossible without going to school. ADD International supports disability activists to create an inclusive environment at school, so that every child gets the chance to get an education.

Denied an education.

Over 57 million children are out of school around the world, with disabled children disproportionately represented among them. See why.

Extreme poverty.

The situation is particularly grim in countries of extreme poverty, where it is often believed that children with impairment 'can't learn'.

Girls left behind.

If you're a girl and you're disabled, chances are you'll never see a classroom. 

Ensuring all disabled children get an education.

School gives disabled children the opportunity to thrive. It also tackles stigma in the family and in the community, proving that disability is not inability. We partner with disability activists to ensure disabled children get the education they deserve.

Reaching out.

We help local disability activists to reach out to disabled children and their families, and get them enrolled into local schools.

Enabling an inclusive environment.

We provide teachers with the right training and materials, such as Braille kits, to meet their students’ needs.


We campaign for the importance of inclusive education with schools, local authorities and key institutions.

Matha & maths

Matha's mother didn't think Matha could do it. But Matha proved her wrong and made her Mum very proud.

The inclusive education project. Learn more.

We run inclusive education projects in Tanzania, Sudan and Bangladesh. In other countries, we continue advocating for inclusive education.

Fact #5Why disabled kids don’t go to school

A class of school children raise their hands to answer the teacher's question. One child turns to look in to the camera.

Project: inclusive education.Tanzania.

Increasing access to education for disabled children in Tanzania.

Girl with down syndrome in Sudan

Project: inclusive education.Sudan.

Increasing access to education for disabled children in Sudan.

Nasra, standing in front of a wall

11 year old heroNasra's story

Nasra goes to the local school and travels there on foot - but for someone like Nasra, walking by foot anywhere can be life threatening. 

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