Economic empowerment.

Independence, opportunity, equality.

Disabled people are more likely to be unemployed and therefore struggle to lift themselves out of poverty.

Poverty & Disability

People with disabilities are disproportionately represented among the poorest members of society.

Exclusion means loss

The exclusion of disabled people from the labour market costs countries economically.

£3 per month to change a life

Just £3 a month could pay for a disabled person to start up their own business, and support their family.

Helping disabled people earn a living.

The problem.

Disabled people need to overcome huge social and physical barriers which prevent them from earning a living.  

The solution.

Through local disabled people’s organisations, we provide people with disabilities with the tools and resources they need to earn a living, such as micro-loans, skills training and business start-up money. 

Why it matters.

Providing skills training and job opportunities builds confidence and independence. As a result, disabled people earn respect as valued members of their family and community.

Close up of Parboty

Reaching out for women like Parboty

Helping disabled women to lift themselves out of poverty

Real people. Real change.

We work together with our local partners, disability rights organisations, governments and academic institutions to promote the inclusion, empowerment and positive change for disabled people.


Project: Pig-raising.Cambodia.

With your help, we're giving women in Cambodia loans to purchase and farm pigs, to lift them out of poverty. 

kids in classroom holding hands up

Reaching new heights with internshipsUganda

Through our internship program for disabled graduates we are helping more young disabled men and women secure a better future.

Colourful material

ADD cracks the garment industryBangladesh

We take you to the slums of Dhaka , Bangladesh, one of the poorest parts of the country and home to ADD's tailoring project.

Mominul in is wheelchair smiling

Mominul's StoryCambodia

Changing perceptions can change lives. See how Mominul's has changed for the better.

Sok Khoen

Sok Khoen's StoryCambodia

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