Campaigning for equality.


ADD International works with organisations of disabled people to influence governments, international development actors and the private sector to design policies and services at a local and global level which take into account the needs of disabled people.

Working locally. Changing lives globally.

Whether it’s providing advocacy advice to disabled people in developing countries, or sharing their perspectives at the United Nations, our job is to ensure the voices of disabled people are heard.


We work with organisations of disabled people to influence local and national governments to design policies and services at local and global level which take into account the needs of disabled people. 

Private sector

When disabled people are empowered they engage more with their communities. This shifts attitudes and creates greater disability inclusion. We influence the private sector to include disabled people in their workforce.

Civil society

We support other NGOs and civil society organisations to create programmes and policies that are leaving no one behind. Read more on Disability & Develoment.

Disability inclusion

the UK parliament building at sunset

Inclusive development.

We've been working with the UK Government to ensure no one is left behind.

Taking action. Latest

Disability & Development.No one left behind.

Group of children smiling at camera and saying YES

Is Uganda ready to 'Leave no one behind'? A civil society statement.

Uganda and other countries have volunteered to be scrutinised at the United Nations, to check whether they are ready to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and the overarching principle of 'leave no one behind'. How is Uganda doing? Here's what civil society thinks. 

People sitting at the UN Assembly

The new CRPD Committee.18 members, one woman?

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the body of independent experts which monitors implementation of the Convention. On 15 June, nine new representitves were elected. We congratulate them and we're sure they'll do a great job in monitoring the implementation of the Convention. Unfortunately, out of 18 members, only one is a woman.

A woman called Tayba smiling

History in the making.

Yesterday, in Al Damazin Town in the far South of Sudan, women with disabilities were for the first time be at the centre of events. 

Innovations on inclusion.

Innovative approaches to Inclusion.The importance of civil society.

ADD International is very happy to be co-sponsoring this side-event at the Commission for Social Development at the UN, on 4 February. The event highlights the importance of civil society – and in particular persons with disabilities, and other marginalised groups such as older people – in implementing the SDGs’ commitment to leave no one behind.

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