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Supporting the next generation of disability activists.

We're celebrating Remember a Charity Week!

Today kicks off the 9th annual “Remember A Charity Week” (10-16 September). We’ve joined 200 other charities across the country to celebrate all the amazing individuals who have chosen to support the vital services we provide by leaving a gift to charity in their Will. 

The theme for this year’s Remember a Charity week is “pass on something wonderful” and an innovative charity-powered search engine called Human (humansearchengine.org) has been created to bring it to life. We've asked disability activists and our ambassadors to answer some of life's most important questions about the future of the disability movement. 

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For over 30 years, ADD International has been supporting some of the world’s most remarkable disability activists working on the front line of discrimination. We’ve stood alongside the disability movement as it has made huge strides towards tackling stigma, changing laws and improving the quality of life of disabled people worldwide. 

Can you help support future generations of disability activists?

"I’m incredibly proud of what has been achieved in the space of a generation, but it’s terribly important to be clear that there is still a way to go. As allies to disability activists in Africa and Asia we have to be very clear that the struggle for equality is far from won. We need to continue to be determinedly on their sides and show that they have the allies they need as they go forward in the future. None of this is easily won, none of this is cosy or simple. But do I see young disability activists, starting out today, really making their point? Yes, I do. Do I see them supported by allies? Yes, I do, particularly if organisations like ADD International continue to thrive and be around."

Chris Underhill
Founder of ADD International

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the easiest ways to give.

During our lives we devote time, energy and money to the causes we care about. Many people pledge a gift in their Will to ensure that this work can continue long into the future. Writing or amending a Will can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. It can be one of the most empowering things you ever do. It's a chance for you to ensure the things most important to you in life, continue to be supported and cared for. We understand that family and loved ones will always take priority – remembering a charity in your will doesn’t mean excluding others. Nor does it mean that it should large amounts of money. A small gift can make a very real difference.

To know more about how to leave a gift in your Will, download our simple guide, which takes you through all the steps you need to take. You can then take this to a solicitor who will help you write your Will.

Gifts in wills guide


If you have already written your Will, but would like to change it to include a gift to ADD International, you can download and complete a Codicil form and ask your solicitor to make the necessary amendments. It's that simple!

Codicil form

How we can help.

Get a discount to write your Will.

ADD International is a member of Remember a Charity, a consortium made up of 200 charities that aims to raise awareness about leaving gifts in wills to charities. 

As part of this, we can offer a discount of 20% off Will writing services with the Cooperative Legal Services, which represents a saving of £30 per single Will. For more information about this, simply get in touch with Paula using the details below. 

Arrange a home visit or phone call. 

We are partnering with The Goodwill Partnership to provide our supporters with a convenient way to write your Will from the comfort of your home. The Wills are checked and provided direct to you by a panel firm of solicitors who can also provide legal advice and storage of the signed Will.

The home-visit service is free of charge and The Goodwill Partnership also provide a small discount on a second Will for your spouse or partner. 

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Our supporters' gift to future generations of disability activists.

"I recently retired and moved to a different part of the country - big changes that made me reflect on my life so far and all the things I take for granted.

We all need the same basic things in life - clean water, food, education, the chance to earn a living and the support and respect of our communities. My own father was disabled by the effects of a serious childhood illness, and was often unable to work. Although it wasn't always easy for us, I know we were the lucky ones, because I grew up in a society with systems in placeto care for its most vulnerable members. 

This is why I began to think about what will be my legacy. Leaving something to ADD International will be part of that. It's easy just to put a line in my Will, and I like to think that one day it will help bring relief and better life chances to someone in another part of the world."


"I started supporting ADD soon after I moved to Frome when I got to know a neighbour, who was physically disabled. She has never let her disability stop her becoming a very successful business woman. I know, however, that in developing countries disabled people often do not have a chance of an education or specialised training to acquire skills they can use and become useful members of their society. This is why I have supported ADD for over 25 years and why I have left them a legacy in my Will.

When it came to making my Will, I decided to leave bequests to those of my relatives who were not particularly well off and to divide up the rest between various charities that I support including ADD. I do not know what might be the claims on my finances during my lifetime but once I die, they will be along the lines I have stipulated in my Will.  I do not know what the future brings either for myself or the countries in which ADD International operates but hope my legacy will enable disabled people to become more integrated into the mainstream and have worthwhile and enjoyable lives as a result.

By knowing my intentions ADD can be sure they will have financial support in the future even when my monthly donations stop."


Get in touch. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Relationships Manager, Paula, who will be happy to help. We understand how private legacy wishes are, so anything discussed will, of course, be kept confidential.

Paula Alionyte, Relationships Manager
Direct Line 0203 752 5498
Email paula.alionyte@add.org.uk


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