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Safeguarding at ADD International

Protecting the most vulnerable.

The recent revelations about abuse within the charity sector have been shocking for us all and revealed systemic failings in the safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults and children. These failings are not specific to any one agency and have implications for everyone in the third sector, putting our actions and moral responsibility as development workers rightfully under scrutiny.

In a sector that works to improve the lives of poor and marginalised people, a scandal like this is unacceptable. And in an organisation like ADD International, which has such positive and caring values at its core, it is our priority and responsibility to ensure we do all we can to protect and safeguard the most marginalised in our society.

Following the recent allegations against development agencies, we are reviewing all our existing safeguarding and whistleblowing policies and practices across all our countries of operation to make sure that our systems are robust and are being followed.

ADD expects high standards of conduct and professionalism from all our employees and volunteers. In turn our workers are entitled to expect to work in an atmosphere that promotes high standards and mutual respect. Both within and outside of work, staff are expected to behave in a manner which does not bring the organisation into disrepute.

ADD International has existing policies, governance and management processes relating to Global HR and Child Protection. All staff are required to comply with and follow these. If any safeguarding case should arise, then as a responsible organisation, we will ensure that it is investigated and followed up on appropriately, with recourse and referral to relevant authorities as needed.

We are deeply saddened by the revelations about malpractice and abuse which have recently emerged. Our thoughts are with the people affected by the gross misconduct and abusive behaviour of members of the development sector. Development agencies exist to mitigate some of the global crises that damage the most marginalised. It is essential that all organisations, including ADD International, interrogate their practises to ensure our values are more powerfully embodied than ever.