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Spring 2018. Global Project Update Edition.

Read Your Impact Report, Spring 2018. 

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Front Cover

From supporting women in Cambodia to start their own businesses, to tackling mental health stigma in Bangladesh, to promoting peace in Uganda, we have lots to update you on!


Spring 2017. Women and Girls' Edition.

Read Your Impact Report, Spring 2017. 

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Front cover Spring Impact Report 2017.

"We're celebrating the amazing achievements of the women we work with, which have been made possible with your support."

Inside page of Spring Impact Report 2017.

Winter 2016. Bangladesh Special.

Read Your Impact Report, Winter 2016. 

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Cover of Bangladesh Impact Report Winter 2016

"With your help we have been strengthening the disability movement in Bangladesh for over 20 years."

Snapshot of Bangladesh Winter Impact Report 2016

Spring 2016. Sudan Special.

Read Your Impact Report, Spring 2016. 

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Cover of the Impact Report, Sudan edition

"We love to show you all the incredible projects that your donations have helped to support".

snapshot of  Impact Report, Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015. Cambodia Special.

Read Your Impact Report, Autumn 2015. 

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Cover of the Impact Report, Cambodia edition

"Celebrating 20 years of fighting for the rights of people with disabilities in Cambodia."

Country director showing a map of Cambodia

Spring 2015. Uganda Special.

Read Your Impact Report, Autumn 2015. 

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Cover of the Impact Report, Uganda Edition

"Go on a whirlwind tour of our 4 amazing projects across Uganda!"

Map of Uganda

Older editions.

Impact Report, Winter 2014. Download PDF.

Read about the disability activists working in Tanzania and how they've reached people like Amina.

Impact Report, Spring 2014. Download PDF.

Read about how our work in Bangladesh and Cambodia is creating jobs for Disabled people.

Impact Report, Winter 2013. Download PDF.

Meet Kunthea and Mohamed. See how their lives changed when they got in touch with ADD International.

Impact Report, Spring 2013. Download PDF.

See what we've been up to in each country programme and meet some of the people who are benefiting from your support.


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ADD International fights for independence, equality and opportunity for disabled people living in extreme poverty throughout Africa and Asia.

Members of Cambodian disabled people's organisation

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For the world's forgotten minority. Our aim is to achieve positive and lasting change in the lives of disabled people, especially those living in poverty.


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