Projects in Tanzania.

Working locally.

The ADD International approach varies from project to project and from one area to another. However we are always driven by our principle of fighting for independence, equality and opportunity for disabled people living in poverty in Africa and Asia. 

In Tanzania we work in partnership with groups run by and for disabled people (known as Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs). Working locally, to effect change globally, we take their stories around the world.

Our projects can be organised in the following three categories:

Ongoing projects.

Ongoing projects involve our work to strengthen the voices and abilities of the disability activists that we work with, so they can have a greater effect in their campaigning.

It also involves our work that takes place worldwide to persuade important decision makers to include the needs of disabled people in their work to end poverty.

Our two main worldwide ongoing projects are:


Current projects.

The current projects are happening now, but they have a fixed end date. This is the work we do ‘on the ground’, collaborating with disability activists to raise awareness about disability issues.

Past projects.

These are the projects that have been completed in Tanzania. We take pride in being a ‘learning organisation’; we always reflect on the work we have completed and ask for feedback from the activists and organisations we have worked with. This way we can make changes in our work so that we can improve our impact in the future.

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