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The journey so far.

In 1995, ADD International began working in Uganda with the single aim of ending the exclusion, poverty and discrimination faced by people with disabilities.

To make lasting change, laws and policies needed to recognise the specific needs of people with disabilities.

We started by connecting local disabled people with each other, helping them to form their own activist groups. We then provided lobbying and advocacy training so they could campaign for inclusion in development programmes. We empowered them to talk to their communities about disability and confront cultural stigma.

Over the years, ADD International in Uganda has played an instrumental role in promoting the inclusion of disability in the work of other international organisations by providing disability awareness training and mentoring.


Learn more: how we work with disability activists.


What we have achieved so far.

Projects we have been involved with since 1995 have...

Developed programmes to end gender-based violence against women with disabilities.

Encouraged and supported people with disabilities to go for voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing.

Organised legal aid clinics for people with disabilities who need professional help.

Working with disability activists.

ADD International always works in partnership with local disability activists and their organisations (also called Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs). This ensures that our work is a true reflection of the real needs of disabled people.

The organisations hold regular meetings with their members throughout the year to discuss their plans and aims, and attend annual meetings with ADD International to plan and agree the next 12 months’ work.

Among others, in Uganda we support the following organisations:

For a full list of the organisations we work with in Uganda, please see our Annual Reports and Accounts.

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Teddy, smiling

Silence isn't golden.It's deadly.

Teddy is one of our ADD heroes, delivering support to disabled women across the Gulu region in Uganda. Growing up with a disability herself, Teddy knows how hard it can be to speak up. Here she gives us her first hand account.