Teaching change.

In Tanzania, ADD International look forward to a society that highly values the lives of disabled people and welcomes their full participation in all issues that affect their wellbeing. Until then we will help them to demand ‘nothing about us without us’.

Learn more about the situation for disabled people in Tanzania, why we work there and meet the incredible activists we work with.

What do we focus on?

In Tanzania we work with local groups of disability activists (known as Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs), to focus on specific issues affecting disabled people such as:

Education for all.

If we increase disabled children’s access to education, then we can build an inclusive society. Children who study together learn to appreciate each other and how to live together.

Mainstreaming Disability.

If the needs of disabled people are recognised in mainstream development work, then we can truly build an equal society and work toward ending poverty.

Training teachers.

In the Pawani region, we're setting up Resource Centres where teachers can find the tools they need to teach to disabled children, such as Braille kits.

Nasra, a girl with albinisim, sits smiling in her school classroom.

Who we work with.

Meet our heroes.

Tanzania. The facts.

Growing population.

Since 1960, the population has increased by almost 500%, to almost 50 million, 70% of whom live in rural areas.

Growing economy.

Tanzania is becoming a major producer of natural gas, allowing it to change from a ‘least developed’ country to a middle income one. However there is still widespread poverty in rural areas.

58,000 members.

Across the country we work with 15 local Disabled People’s Organisations. Through them we are working with a total of 58,000 people.

The hands of a school boy using a braille kit to help him learn to read.

Our work on the ground.

Learn about how we work in Tanzania.

Disability in Tanzania. The barriers to break.

6.7 Million.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are approximately 6,739,330 disabled people living in Tanzania.

Limited access to jobs.

The national policy on empowering disabled people in the economy is very clear but negative attitudes stand in the way of its success.

Left out of politics.

Only 5 Members of Parliament out of a total of 357 are disabled. However, four of them serve in ‘special seats’ and only one was publicly elected.

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A dust road in Tanzania leads to the horizon.

AboutOur work in Tanzania.

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