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Cattle drive

Mohammed's StorySudan

Mohamed Ali Bakhit is one of the most famous butchers of the Al-Mirghania district in eastern Sudan. Meed Mohamed.

Vegetable market in Sudan

Abdin's StorySudan

When Abin became blind at 10 his life was shattered. But things changed. 

Disabled people in an audience

A cross disability federation in KhartoumAn interview

Khartoum, capital of Sudan, finally witnessed the birth of a Cross Disability Federation, a body that gather all people with disabilities living in Khartoum. Our colleague Mozaffar has interviewed the president of this new organisation to find out more, Mr. Abdallah Hassan Awad.

A woman called Tayba smiling

History in the making.

Yesterday, in Al Damazin Town in the far South of Sudan, women with disabilities were for the first time be at the centre of events.