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Our contribution.

The journey so far...

In Sudan people with disabilities are often excluded from community life and have no access to social services. With no rights to education or employment, many people are hidden away by families who consider them a ‘problem’. Most people with disabilities depend on begging to survive.

In the early 1970’s, people with disabilities started to form small activist groups. The groups grew in size and disabled people began to recognise them as an opportunity for a social life. However, the groups had no clear plans or strategies for tackling the structural issues preventing positive, long term change.

That's where ADD International came in. We began to support eight local organisations (called "state unions") to develop the plans that would help the groups to work effectively. Each state union works with a network of grass-roots organisations. We help those organisations to access services. We also help them overcome the legal, social and physical barriers that prevent disabled people from being included in society.

Currently ADD International is supporting the national state unions to come together to form one National Federation which would represent all disabled people’s organisations, regardless of the specific impairments they focus on. Working together will mean these groups and organisations across the country will be better at coordinating and planning their work to achieve great change.


Learn more: how we work with disability activists


Our achievements so far.

Here are three examples of our successes in Sudan:

28 local partners.

We have strengthened and supported 28 disabled people’s organisations (DPOs), building their ability to organise their own priorities and activities.

Promoted disabled women's rights.

We have seen increased women’s participation in disability activism, with three new women’s associations created in Eastern State.

A growing movement.

The disability movement is overall more active, outgoing and empowered. This is reflected in the substantial media coverage it has gained.

Our partners.

ADD International always works in collaboration with local groups of disability activists (known as Disabled People’s Organisations; DPOs). This ensures that our work is a true reflection of the real needs of disabled people.

The local organisations hold regular meetings with their members throughout the year to discuss their plans and aims, and attend annual meetings with ADD International to plan and agree the next 12 months’ work.

Further reading.

For a full list of the organisations we work with in Sudan and South Sudan, please see our annual reports and accounts.

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