Projects in Cambodia.

The work we do.

Our approach is different for every project we do and every area we work in, but always with the same goal: promoting the rights of disabled people living in poverty in Africa and Asia.

Across Cambodia we work in partnership with groups of disability activists (known as Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs). We give them the tools they need to campaign for their rights and change their own situation. Learn about our approach to development.

Ongoing projects.

Some of our projects are ongoing. They involve work that we do worldwide to persuade governments, international development organisations and the private sector to include the needs of disabled people in their policies and services.

In Cambodia, as well as in the other countries we work with, we carry out ongoing work in:

Current projects.

The current projects are running now, within a fixed timeframe. They cover the work we do ‘at ground level’; reaching out to disabled people to help them raise awareness and promote their rights within communities.

  • Pigs: A path out of poverty.
  • Speaking up against gender-based violence*.
  • Independence and opportunity for people with learning disabilities*.

Past projects.

We are a ‘learning organisation’, which means we reflect on the work we have done in Cambodia, talking to the people we worked with to understand how we can improve our approach in the future.

  • Livelihoods for disabled people living in poverty*.


*We are working hard to populate our website with all of our current and past projects. Soon you will able to read these projects in full. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us if you have queries. 

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