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The journey so far.

Before ADD International, the rights of disabled people were rarely talked about and to most people, the word ‘disability’ meant a disadvantaged person or a war amputee.

ADD International began working in Cambodia at the same as the Cambodian Disabled People’s Organisation (CDPO). The CDPO represented the voice of people with disabilities at a national level while ADD International supported the formation of grass-roots activist groups. This worked well because the CDPO built networks of activist organisations across the country, while we supported the formation of grass-roots groups and linked them to the CDPO.

There were many social barriers to overcome in order to be able to speak directly to people with disabilities. Our staff spent a lot of time counselling individual disabled people, building their confidence and awareness of their rights, to enable them to challenge their own situation.

What have we achieved?

Some of our achievements in Cambodia that we are particularly proud of:

A growing disability movement.

Cambodia now has a strong network of disability activists who implement their own activities and call on the government and other organisations to include disabled people in their development work.

Justice for women and girls.

A recent project supported disabled women and girls who have experienced abuse, providing them with legal aid, emergency assistance, counselling and legal representation.

Inclusion of intellectual disability.

We ran a project with a focus on intellectual (or learning) disabilities, involving people from every level of the community in changing attitudes and behaviours.

Working with disability activists.

ADD International works in collaboration with local groups of disability activists (known as Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs).This ensures that our work reflects the real needs of disabled people.

Organisations that we work with in Cambodia include:

The local organisations hold regular meetings with their members throughout the year to discuss their plans and aims, and attend annual meetings with ADD International to plan and agree the next 12 months’ work. We work this way because it's only by supporting local organisations in Africa and Asia that we can make effective and long lasting change.

For a full list of the organisations we work with in Cambodia, please see our Annual Reports and Accounts.


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