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The number of disabled people in Cambodia is increasing, and they are still facing new challenges. Although the government has introduced some measures to promote the rights of disabled people, more needs to be done.

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What are we working for?

In twenty years, ADD International has successfully helped to develop a strong disability movement that represents the voices of disabled people. We have achieved this through our unique approach, working directly with local groups of disability activists (known as Disabled People’s Organisations or DPOs). Some of the issues we have focussed on in Cambodia are:

Reaching the unreached.

We aim to support the most marginalised disabled people, who are currently not supported by our partners in Cambodia.

Economic security.

We are designing projects to empower disabled people to increase their access to good nutrition, job opportunities and a regular income. Skills and financial training will enable people to become self-sufficient.

Healthcare, water and sanitation.

We're starting to collaborate with other organisations specialising in health and hygene, to make sure that their work and services are ‘disability inclusive’. Often vital services are not fully accessible, further excluding disabled people.

Um Chai, a woman who ADD International work with, smiles into the camera

Who are we working with?

Meet our heroes.

Cambodia. Facts.

Poor but growing.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia and is trying to develop and integrate itself into the Asian Community after civil war.

Majority women.

The population of Cambodia is approximately 14.5 million, around 52% of which are women. About a quarter of households are headed by women.

Corruption = poverty.

Corruption and poor public services are main causes of poverty. People are forced to sell their land in order to afford basic services like healthcare and education.

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How we work.

What we do on the ground.

Disability in Cambodia. The situation.


The number of people with disabilities in Cambodia is increasing, and they are still facing new challenges such as economic, social and political barriers.

Limited support.

Currently the number of national DPOs is very limited and only one group (Cambodian Disabled People’s Organisation) work to represent all impairments.

Disability Protection Law.

A law was passed in 2009 to promote the rights of people with disabilities, but the government will need lots of help to act on it.

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