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Parboty at a community meeting

Parboty's storyBangladesh

Her right hand is slowly becoming weaker and weaker. How is she going to take care of her two year old girl?

Ashik and Israfil laughing side by side.

Inclusive Education in Bangladesh.Ashik and Israfil's story.

Ashik and his little brother Israfil are both disabled. When their mother abandoned them and their father refused to let them go to school, they're future seemed bleak. 

A close up of a woman's hands and her brightly coloured turquoise sari

Bad spiritsdisability superstitions in bangladesh

Beliefs that disability is caused by bad spirits, or Jinn, are still present in rural areas of Bangladesh.

Mominul in is wheelchair smiling

Mominul's StoryCambodia

Changing perceptions can change lives. See how Mominul's has changed for the better.

Hands of person handling medicine

Community mental health in NepalLessons from Nepal

The project team behind the Mental Health programme in Bangladesh has visited Nepal, to explore what is happening in other places to support people with mental health issues.