ADD International in Bangladesh.

Our history.

The journey so far...

Neglect, oppression, violence and discrimination towards disabled people were widespread before an organised disability movement was formed in Bangladesh. Children and women were the worst affected, shunned by their own families because of cultural taboos and superstition. For disabled children, education was a rarity.

In 1995 ADD International began working with a handful of dedicated, exceptional people. With limited resources, the growth of the movement over the last 15 years has been phenomenal, due to the commitment and determination of disability activists.

Two organisations have been formed at the national level - The National Grassroots Disability Organisation and the National Council of Disabled Women. ADD continues to support these organisations to fundraise, lobby and strengthen their ability to achieve their own goals. 


How we work with disability activists


What have we achieved?

A vibrant disability movement

We now work with activist groups in more than 25 of the 64 districts of Bangladesh, covering nearly one third of the country. 

Access to jobs and skills training

Through raising awareness and strengthening the voices of the activists we support, many people have reported increased access to skills training and financial services.

Campaigned for inclusive policies

We ensured grassroots concerns were incorporated in the Disability Rights and Protection Act. We are also working with the government on their mental health policy.

Annual Report 2014


Annual Report 2015


Our partners.

ADD International always works in collaboration with local groups of disability activists (known as DPOs; Disabled People Organisations).This ensures that our work is a true reflection of the real needs of disabled people.

The organisations hold regular meetings with their members throughout the year to discuss their plans and aims, and attend annual meetings with ADD International to plan and agree the next 12 months’ work. We chose to work in this way, because it is only by supporting local organisations in Africa and Asia that we can make effective, sustaining, and long lasting change.

Further reading.

For a full list of the organisations we work with in Bangladesh, please see our annual reports and accounts.

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