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Protecting disabled women and girls.

For disabled women gender-based violence and disability discrimination intersect to create brutal barriers to wellbeing. ADD International has launched a new paper on the invisible violence against women with disabilities.

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Sylvie Cordier
Pushpa Rani.

I am Pushpa Rani.

Pushpa had pneumonia when she was 8 years old, and lost all movement in her legs. Pushpa gives us her first hand account of how this has affected her life, and what it means to be a woman with a disability. 

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Laura Macchietto
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Celebrating success.

We are thrilled that our Director of International Development Jasmine O'Connor is receiving an OBE today in recognition for her work supporting human rights. 

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Susie Bennett
A woman in Uganda waters her crops

Can markets work for people living in extreme poverty?

As leaders of governments, businesses and INGOs gather for Davos this week, foremost on their agenda should be how to reach the 800 million people trapped in extreme poverty and living on less than $1.90 a day. Many of these people are highly marginalized due to their gender, disability, age, race, ethnicity, migratory status, sexuality, caste or geographic isolation. As well as being a great injustice, this represents a huge pool of unrealised human potential.

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Susie Bennett
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The end of an era

2017 WaterAid UK announced that it has appointed Tim Wainwright, ADD International’s current CEO, to take over from their Chief Executive, Barbara Frost, who retires in May of this year.

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Ashik and Israfil laughing side by side.

Ashik and Israfil’s story.

Ashik and his little brother Israfil are both disabled. When their mother abandoned them and their father refused to let them go to school, they're future seemed bleak. 

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Laura Macchietto
Group photo of people at the Olympic park, smiling

Join us for Parallel 2016.

We would love to invite you to join us on Sunday 4 September, at the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, to take part in Parallel London, the first ever fully inclusive sponsored run/push/walk event in the world. Tim, our chief executive, will also be taking part with his family.

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Virginia Tarozzi
Hands of person handling medicine

How community mental health works in Nepal.

The project team behind the Mental Health programme in Bangladesh has visited Nepal, to explore what is happening in other places to support people with mental health issues. 

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Mahajabin Khan
Disabled people in an audience

A cross disability federation in Khartoum.

Khartoum, capital of Sudan, finally witnessed the birth of a Cross Disability Federation, a body that gather all people with disabilities living in Khartoum. Our colleague Mozaffar has interviewed the president of this new organisation to find out more, Mr. Abdallah Hassan Awad.

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Mozaffar Khinder
Group of children smiling at camera and saying YES

Is Uganda ready to Leave no one behind?

Uganda and other countries have volunteered to be scrutinised at the United Nations, to check whether they are ready to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and the overarching principle of 'leave no one behind'. How is Uganda doing? Here's what civil society thinks. 

Georgia Montague-Nelson
People sitting at the UN Assembly

The new CRPD Committee.

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the body of independent experts which monitors implementation of the Convention. On 15 June, nine new representitves were elected. We congratulate them and we're sure they'll do a great job in monitoring the implementation of the Convention. Unfortunately, out of 18 members, only one is a woman.

Sylvie Cordier
Snapshot of video

Video: 30 years of supporting disability activists.

ADD International was officially born as Action on Disability and Development in 1986. At the time, the founder, Chris Underhill, was told "it will fail". Thirty years on, ADD International is still around. We operate in Africa and Asia supporting disability activist and helping to build effective movements for change.

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Virginia Tarozzi
Number 10

Celebrating 10 years of the CRPD.

A short film looks at what it's like being part of a group that is being ‘left behind’ in Ghana. By ODI, the Overseas Development Institute.

Virginia Tarozzi
A woman called Tayba smiling

History in the making.

Yesterday, in Al Damazin Town in the far South of Sudan, women with disabilities were for the first time be at the centre of events. 

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Children in front of a hut, playing on the floor.

Disability in the Sustainable Development Goals.

This week, disability and development experts from around the world are converging on London for an International Symposium on Disability in the SDGs. Three projects by ADD International are being discussed. 

Polly Meeks
Staff member interviewing an old lady

Participatory research can help leave no-one behind.

Polly Meeks from ADD International and her colleague Dr Marion Steff from Sightsavers, discuss why the implementation of the Sustainble Development Goals must include the excluded. And how. 

Polly Meeks and Dr Marion Steff
Innovations on inclusion.

Innovative approaches to Inclusion.

ADD International is very happy to be co-sponsoring this side-event at the Commission for Social Development at the UN, on 4 February. The event highlights the importance of civil society – and in particular persons with disabilities, and other marginalised groups such as older people – in implementing the SDGs’ commitment to leave no one behind.

ADD International
Disabled women selling seeds at a local market

We are seeking market-based solutions to eradicate poverty.

ADD International, IDS and the Coady Institute are working together on a project with the Rockefeller Foundation to better understand which types of market systems support the positive participation of extremely poor or highly marginalised groups in income generating activities. 

But we need your help. If you work for an organisation that provides market-based solutions for people living in poverty, please fill out the questionnaire below! Deadline: 22 January 2016.

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