Our Mission

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ADD International fights for independence, equality and opportunity for disabled people living in poverty in Africa and Asia. 

We do this by partnering with organisations of disability activists and helping them access the tools, resources and support they need to build powerful movements for change. 

We work in areas of extreme poverty, across the disability spectrum, supporting all types of impairments regardless of religious or ethnic background. We believe it is not the impairment, but the barriers in society, that limit people from reaching their full potential.

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Independence, equality and opportunity for all.

Our Vision

A world where all disabled people are free from discrimination and oppression and have full equality within an inclusive society.

Our Mission

To achieve positive and lasting change in the lives of disabled people, especially those living in poverty.

5 Countries

We work in 5 countries across Africa and Asia. Every country we operate in is ranked in the bottom quarter of the Human Development Index.

What we do. 

1. Supporting activists. 

We listen to organisations of disability activist. They tell us the change they want to make and what they need to make it happen. Together we develop a tailored package of long term support to help activists access the tools, skills and resources they need to make change happen.

2.  Building movements.

We support organisations of disability activists to build strong and sustainable organisations that can have an ever increasing impact. We then help these groups connect with each other to build wider movements and we work with them to promote the rights of disabled people.

3.  Influencing for change.

We work with organisations of disabled activists to influence governments, international development actors and the private sector to design policies and services at a local and global level which take into account the needs of disabled people.

Our beliefs.

  • We believe disabled people have the right to live their lives as fully as they choose, without the limitations imposed by attitudes or by social and physical barriers. Read our story.
  • We believe that disability is not inability if disabled people are given the right tools, opportunities and support. See how we work
  • We believe change comes when voices are heard and preconceptions are challenged. This happens when disabled people come together with a unified voice and engage with society, shifting attitudes towards disability. Read our Strategy & Theory of Change.
  • We believe there is an inextricable link between poverty and disability. Disability is both the cause and effect of poverty. This needs to be taken into account when solutions to poverty eradication are being discussed. The cycle of poverty and disability.

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A wheelchair user leads an advocacy workshop in Bangladesh

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A team of disability activists stand together in a group, smiling and talking.

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A crowd on a busy pathway leading to the market in rural Uganda.

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