ADD International is an ally to the global disability movement. We partner with disability activists in Africa and Asia to help them access the tools, resources and support they need to build powerful movements for change. 

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Frontline ActivistsPeter Ogik, Uganda


Frontline activistsSabina Yasmin

Two school girls helping each other with class work

Fighting for inclusive education

Close up of an elder woman

Speaking up for women's rights

Tatu grinding rice in her household

The right to work

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Samantha Renke

Watch our interview with Samantha Renke.

We recently chatted to Samantha Renke, actor and ambassador for Parallel London, about what it means to her to be a disability activist.  

boy at desk

Launching our new appeal.

My Right to a Future

We're excited to launch our new appeal, 'My Right to a Future', helping children with disabilities in pre-primary school to access a pre-primary education. 

Activists in Uganda

Recruiting new trustees

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ADD International is looking for outstanding new trustees to serve on its Board. A number of the current Trustees will in turn complete their full terms during 2018. There is therefore an exciting opportunity for new Trustees to help shape ADD’s work in the new phase of its work.