Uganda. The forgotten.

Two people with albinism, laughing

What if you were hunted for your body parts?

Uganda. Our priorities.

Internships for disabled people

We create job opportunities for talented disabled people. We show that disability is not inability and convince employers to include more disabled people in their workforce. 

Protecting people with albinism

We provide urgent support for people with albinism who are being hidden away, hunted and even killed for their body parts. And fund awareness campaigns, aimed at correcting misconceptions and prejudice.

Women + violence

We train girls and women in personal safety; we make sure cases of rape and assault are pursued and concluded; and we show them how to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, because they are at higher risk.

Margaret from Uganda in her home

Margaret got HIV and lost her sight. But she fought back.

Uganda. The facts.

16 local partners

We work with 16 disabled people's organisations (DPO) in Uganda, building their ability to confidently and effectively decide their own priorities and activities. See the full list of projects and partners on our Annual Reports and Accounts.

6,000 members nationwide

Our local parners are group of disabled people who self organise to support themselves. In this way, in Uganda, we're supporting 6,000 members.

Making a real difference

Ending gender based violence against women with disabilities; encouraging voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing; organising legal aid clinics; and protecting people with albinism.

Amazing people. Innovative projects.

See how we're changing lives in the most remote parts of Uganda. People count on us for this, please support our work if you can.

Contact and local partnersUganda

We work with local groups of disabled people to make our work more effective and relevant. Meet them.

Jane with her children

Jane's storyUganda

Jane Simuli was born with albinism, a hereditary condition that causes lack of pigmentation in the eyes, skin and hair. Meet Jane.

Man with Albinism smiling


Learn about what ADD is doing for people with Albinism in Uganda.

kids in classroom holding hands up

Reaching new heights with internshipsUganda

Through our internship program for disabled graduates we are helping more young disabled men and women secure a better future.

Florence Ongako

Ending violence against womenUganda

ADD works with women in Uganda who have had their lives impacted by violence.