Tanzania. The forgotten.

Eric, a blind child from Tanzania, in an empty classroom

access denied

Less than 10% of disabled kids in Tanzania are in school. Simply unacceptable.

Tanzania. Our priorities.

Access to school for disabled kids

Through our local partners, we are reaching out to disabled kids living in rural areas and we're helping them to enrol into school. 

Teaching materials in resource centres

In the Pawani region, we're setting up Resource Centres where teachers can find the tools they need to teach to disabled children, such as Braille kits.

Lobbying and campaigning

We work with teachers, local authorities, and key institutions to convince them of the importance of inclusive education.  

Close up of a girl with albinism

Every child has the right to an education.

See our inclusive education project.

Tanzania. The facts.

15 local partners

We work with 15 disabled people's organisations (DPO) in Tanzania, building their ability to confidently and effectively decide their own priorities and activities. See the full list of projects and partners on our Annual Reports and Accounts.

58,000 members nationwide

Our local parners are group of disabled people who self organise to support themselves. In this way, in Tanzania, we're supporting 58,000 members.

3 main areas of focus

Education, community rehabilitation, income generation. This is how we're supporting disabled people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Together we can change lives

Meet the people and projects that are making a difference. And please donate if you can, we couldn't do it without your support.

Contact and local partnersTanzania

To ensure that our work is a true reflection of the real needs of disabled people, we work in collaboration with and through local groups of disabled people.

school children raising hands in a classroom

School for allTanzania

This innovative project is showing how we can enable children with disabilities to receive quality primary education alongside their non-disabled peers.

Two school girls helping each other with class work

Fighting for inclusive education

Happy girl with glasses

Our projects

Our innovative approach and projects are changing the lives of disabled people around the world. 

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