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ADD in Bangladesh

Badshah, beneficiary of ADD at Begunbari, Tejgaon, Bangladesh

Our focus in Bangladesh: Earning a living

  • We help convince banks of people’s credit worthiness, to generate loans and credit to start, grow and sustain a business of their own.
  • We have projects that give disabled people skills to higher their chances of gaining employment such as carpentry , tailoring and bicycle and wheelchair repairs. Read more here about this project.
  • We campaign to ensure the inclusion of disabled people in society. In Bangladesh 2012 our work made Vice President of Manufacturing announce 5% of factory jobs would be for people with disabilities.

In Bangladesh we also fund and promote accessible water and sanitation facilities. Learn about this specific project here.

Impact of our work

Mokim in his sweet shopMokim was a taxi driver, but became disabled after an accident. He couldn’t support his wife and three children anymore. ADD provided training and start up financial support to start a new business – a sweet shop on the side of the road.

"The shop helps us to eat two times a day. Before, we were eating only once.

My small children get admission in school because I can pay the montly fees. And I have changed my house to better one."

Read Mokim’s full story here.

How you can help

Employment is key for the empowerment and inclusion of the more than 15 million disabled people living in Bangladesh. But the reality is that, despite their desire to contribute to the workforce, the majority of disabled adults are unemployed.

£3 per month could finance the startup of a business for someone in Bangladesh or Cambodia.

Donate here, and help people start up their own businesses and support themselves and their families.

Contact ADD in Bangladesh

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