Born disabled. Denied a voice.

Help us change the game.

Too many children are denied opportunities because they have a disability.

For Every Disabled Person.

For The World's Forgotten Minority.

Two school girls helping each other with class work

Fighting for inclusive education

Close up of an elder woman

Speaking up for women's rights

We work with disabled women who have been tortured, abused and shut out, to overcome the barriers placed in their way.
Tatu grinding rice in her household

Employment and livelihood

We work together with our local partners to promote the inclusion, empowerment and positive change for disabled people.

Real People. Real Stories.

Meet the faces of the forgotten minority. Meet our heroes.

Matha reading her school books.

Matha's story


People thought Matha could not learn. But she did, and she's now top of her class. Get to know Matha.

Levi holding his little sister

Levi's story


Levi was saving up money to buy his mum a pig for their farm. But because his mother has albinism, he was punished by his neighbours. Meet Levi.

Margaret smiling

Margaret's Story


Margaret woke from a coma without her sight. Meet the woman who turned despair into determination.