There is a Global Disability Crisis

Independence, Equality, Opportunity

for disabled people living in poverty.

Two school girls helping each other with class work

Fighting for inclusive education

Close up of an elder woman

Speaking up for women's rights

We work with disabled women who have been tortured, abused and shut out, to overcome the barriers placed in their way.
Tatu grinding rice in her household

Economic Empowerment

We work together with our local partners to promote the inclusion, empowerment and positive change for disabled people.

Disability activists changing lives.

Disabled people living in poverty are some of the most discriminated people on earth. Local disability activists in Africa and Asia are working to ensure every disabled person gets a fighting chance at living their best life. Get involved. Read more.

Hands of person handling medicine

How community mental health works in Nepal

Lessons from Nepal

The project team behind the Mental Health programme in Bangladesh has visited Nepal, to explore what is happening in other places to support people with mental health issues. 

Disabled people in an audience

A cross disability federation in Khartoum

An interview

Khartoum, capital of Sudan, finally witnessed the birth of a Cross Disability Federation, a body that gather all people with disabilities living in Khartoum. Our colleague Mozaffar has interviewed the president of this new organisation to find out more, Mr. Abdallah Hassan Awad.

Group photo of people at the Olympic park, smiling

Join us for Parallel 2016

An inclusive family event in London

We would love to invite you to join us on Sunday 4 September, at the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, to take part in Parallel London, the first ever fully inclusive sponsored run/push/walk event in the world. Tim, our chief executive, will also be taking part with his family.