There is a Global Disability Crisis

Independence, Equality, Opportunity

for disabled people living in poverty.

Two school girls helping each other with class work

Fighting for inclusive education

Close up of an elder woman

Speaking up for women's rights

We work with disabled women who have been tortured, abused and shut out, to overcome the barriers placed in their way.
Tatu grinding rice in her household

Economic Empowerment

We work together with our local partners to promote the inclusion, empowerment and positive change for disabled people.

Get to know our work.

We work with disabled people living in extreme poverty, in countries where being disabled can be exceptionally challenging and sometimes even life-threatening. Learn more about our work:

Group photo of people similing. Some have albinism.

Brave women and men

Disability activists

We're proud to support disability activist in Uganda, who are speaking up for people with albinism. They have experienced these myths themselves as they too have albinism. 

A portrait of Becky, who has albinism, standing proudly

Growing up in hiding

Becky's Story

When we're young, there’s nothing more important than hanging out with friends. But as a teenager Becky went into hiding, for fear of being kidnapped and even killed, simply for being born with albinism.

Susan, from Uganda, smiling

Markets to help eradicate poverty?

New research

A new Rockefeller Foundation-funded project is being launched which will undertake a timely and much needed look at where market systems have successfully improved the lives of the poorest and most marginalised in society.